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Stewardship is all about a grateful celebration of the gracious and abundant blessings God bestows on us. 

When we talk about Stewardship, we talk about three main areas of our lives. 

Our time.  God has given each of us time to spend on this earth, praising God and helping our neighbor.  This time gets eaten up very quickly each week.  We like to ask how our time - a gift from God - is being used.

Our talents.  God has given each of us extraordinary gifts - some of which we have discovered already, others we have yet to realize.  We can use these gifts to help others!

Our resources.  This includes money, but also includes things that we have.  We need money and things to help one another. How we use what we are given is stewardship.

The Biblical principle of tithing means 10% of each of these categories.  At times we can't give 10% and, at times it may be much more.

We are called to give of ourselves in many ways - even time in prayer is time given back to God and to our neighbor.