Trinity Lutheran Church, Vermillion, South Dakota


Who We Are

We are a diverse family-oriented, faith-based worshiping community.  

We are

  • farmers and professors
  • health care workers and bankers
  • stay-at-home parents and teachers
  • children, teenagers, and college students
  • retired, care center and assisted living -supported, and every one!

We are all seeking a connection to one another and to God. 

  • God created us.
  • God created us to have opinions and ideas and unique characteristics.
  • God knows we all have different life experiences.
  • God created us to be active in our communities and in our world.
  • God accepts and loves us  - unconditionally and forever! 

God calls us to be in relationship: To welcome the stranger, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to make disciples (teach people about God and his commandments) while we are going throughout the world. We are important to God - to the Great Commandment.

We encourage you to come to check it out yourselves. 

Worship is every Saturday at 5:30 PM  and every Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Trinity is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

The ELCA is a group of more than 10,000 congregations across the United States which partner together in shared mission around the world. South Dakota is blessed to have Cameroon, Africa and Nicaragua, Central America as our official companion synods.

Trinity also shares a special bond with Guatemala through Sharing the Dream ministries, and they have two stores: one in Vermillion and one in Sioux Falls, SD.