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TLC Preschool     Angela Pickett, Director-Teacher

Come and join us in Preschool !

We are learning about God and each other!



Trinity Lutheran Christian Preschool began as a ministry within Trinity Lutheran church in 1982. We provide children with a quality preschool education in a caring Christian environment that is a happy and safe learning place.


 Trinity Lutheran Christian Preschool seeks to meet each child's needs and to develop his or her unique gifts. Children learn through being introduced to education through activities, stories, and free-play.

Weekly-themed Learning Centers include learning based on science, math, pre-reading, health, music and singing, art, and social activities.

 Learning concepts include gross and fine motor development, color, letter, and number recognition; Abc's, spelling and identifying first and last names and address; cutting and pasting, coloring and painting; identifying and recognizing shapes; naming and identifying body parts; spatial relationships (inside, outside, up, down, next to, over, under, etc.), social skills (please, thank you, taking turns, asking questions, listening to others, etc.), and physical activity (running, jumping, balancing, playing together, creative play) in the classroom and outside on the playground.  All of these skills and educational activities help prepare them for kindergarten.

We encourage children to explore, discover, and create. They can develop independence, self-motivation, honesty, physical, social-emotional, and language skills.


 We include parents and guardians in the development of your child's spiritual and educational growth.

 We are a Christian learning place where your child grows, learns, and develops their skills in a  safe, low student-teacher ratio classroom setting.  The children have the opportunity to develop their healthy personalities, to form values, and to develop feelings and attitudes which help to form the foundation for a positive self-image, good relationships with fellow classmates, teachers and the community.  Children learn by doing. They learn at their own pace.  They learn by seeing, hearing, listening, and by repetition. Skill sets are taught using a variety of hands-on activities individually and within a small group setting.

 We enjoy learning and growing with the children. Seeing them reach those "A-Ha" moments when they understand and feel confident in their abilities. It is priceless!  Children are a blessing, and we celebrate with them each and every day.



Children must be at least 3 years old by September 1st, toilet trained, and under the age of 6 yrs.

Enrollment Forms - Parent/Child Orientation is offered to each new family to see the learning spaces, meet the staff and find out more about the program. During our visit, parents have the opportunity to review the Parent Handbook, Calendar, and school Supply list as well as other written materials. All information remains confidential. Orientation lasts about 1 hour. 

The following forms are required to complete the registration process: Application for Preschool; Current immunization form; Health examination form: Emergency form; Registration form Pick-up release form; Security Deposit Form; and Tuition Statement.

Registrations are taken in the Fall and Spring of each year. Children may be registered during the school year, if there are openings.

  Hours of Operation  The preschool is open 9 months of the year (September through May). We are closed on legal holidays observed by the Vermillion Public School District.

 Sessions for the Fall: (See 2014-2015 Pre-registration forms at the right, below the picture).

AM sessions:  8:30 - 11:00 AM ~ Monday through Friday


 School Closings   When the public school is canceled due to weather, the preschool is canceled. Please listen to KVHT 106.3 for cancellations or call the Director at: 624-3839


Trinity Lutheran Christian Preschool is open to all children regardless of religion, race, color, or national or ethnic origin. For more information, contact us at (605) 624-3839 or